beach girls

This picture sums up our beach trips pretty perfectly. Lola close by, never leaving the comfort of us, the sand toys, and most importantly the snacks. Then theres Ivy in the distance collecting treasures and seashells, talking to herself and completely ignoring our "COME BACK IVES, TOO FAR!"'s. 

Can't wait for many more beach days this Summer-- Lolas chubby legs were made to sport sandy one-peices. 


Easter 2014

bedhead, christmas jammies, chocolate, easter egg hunts, craZloom youtube tutorials, more chocolate, and bubbles. it was a wonderful easter. 


salt river adventures

We've been trying to take advantage of this beautiful weather as much as possible by getting outside every chance we get. A few Saturdays ago we drove the girls down to the river and rock hopped, stick searched, and dipped our toes in the freezing water. I'm glad we hauled the film camera with us for these two pictures alone. 

**Please notice the cranberry lip Ivy is sporting, as always.


almost 4

Ivy at almost four years old is: silly, sensitive, miniature, curious, dramatic, caring, particular, animated, talkative. She loves to color, paint her nails, use her imagination, and prefers to wear lipstick every day of the week. She is obsessed with tiny things, is a professional bedtime staller, and is absolutely terrified of the dark. Her choice last meal would be a cold glass of chocolate milk and a side of goldfish crackers. She loves babies and learning and is constantly asking questions in public that make me want to jump out the window. "Mom, why does that man have a baby in his belly?" "Mom is that an ooooooold woman?" etc. etc. 

Embarrassing questions and all, we love our tiny, inquisitive, big girl. 


surviving wedding season

an obsession with pink leotards and princess dresses blossoming / bedhead pt. 1 / a quick trip to Utah to shoot a wedding / adventuring with geoff before an engagement session / bedhead pt. 2 / smizing 


20 months

This girl is getting too close to turning 2. Someone make it stop.


Cliff Notes on Life

My girls are still sweet, the weather is still exceptional, our mornings are still slow, dates with Geoff are still frequent, hair shapes are forming nicely, family field trips to the new gilbert temple, had work in LA, had some work in Utah, half of the family wears lipstick regularly, and of course, Valentines day stretched out all weekend long. (yummy food, lots of chocolate, fun gifts, etc.)

Whew! Caught up. It's been a really good month. Talk later.

(Does this even count as a blog post? Whatever.) 


Spring kicks.

Soft Star Shoes sent over these little gems the other day and they are totally my new favorite! They feel so comfortable and flexible, and Lola feels so fancy marching around the house in her shiny new kicks. I got to design them myself on their site which was so cool, I loved being able to personalize each pair for my girls. I'll admit it was hard deciding on a style, leather and lace colors, and which motif I wanted, but the nice part was that there wasn't really a way to go wrong. Another thing I love about this company is that everything in their shop is handmade to order in Oregon, where they use only natural, formaldehyde-free leather and non-toxic dye to create each one-of-a-kind shoe.

Are you sold yet? Cause I'm already trying to decide which pair we want next. Head on over to their site to design your own pair for only $30. Thanks Soft Star, we will definitely be return customers!



This is about how I'm feeling that it's Monday already. After a full weekend of spending time with each other + friends, being outside, getting a good chunk of our spring cleaning done, and eating a lot of good pizza, I'm not ready for the weekend to be over.