Lolas 2 year old 'interview'

It was high time to make an 'interview video' for Lo like we have for Ivy in the past. Thanks to Geoff and Ives for prepping some important questions and capturing a few minutes of Lolas fun personality on camera.

Lola 2 year old interview from Stacie Lang on Vimeo.


New Years Day at Disneyland

New Years Eve we decided to drive up to California to start the New Years off right; eating churros while watching our girls maul Disney characters and sing along with Doc McStuffins. Everyone said we were crazy to go on New Years day, but since our girls are so short we avoided a lot of the main-attraction rides anyway and ended up not waiting in a single line. It was awesome! I think I've mentioned it before, but I never really liked Disneyland until I married Geoff, he makes it so much fun. At 6:30 in the morning, us girls woke up to 'Let It Go' blasting in the hotel room. (I'm sure our next door neighbors who had just fallen asleep appreciated that on New Years morning.) Thanks to Geoff, we were the first ones in the park, which means we got the freshest beignets for breakfast and the best parking spot in the house. The night ended after watching the parade and another round of beignets of course, our girls were so tuckered out. It was such a fun little last trip as a family of four and the best way to start our year. Now back to reality and a schedule. :(


My number 1 turns 26!

Happy birthday to Geoff! Every year I feel like I drop the ball because his birthday is just 5 days before Christmas, so Geoff, I'm sorry if you only get a couple gifts this year (that were already in your Amazon cart), and I'm sorry that they're wrapped in reindeer wrapping paper. Know that you deserve much more and know that we love you so, so much! Thanks for everything you do for us, you're the best!


Family Pictures 2014



Wanted to post some of my favorites from our family pictures this year. Between Geoff being super sweaty, Lola being super sick, and me being super sweaty, sick, and pregnant, I have to say I'm impressed at how many smiles the Sloans were able to capture for us this year. Thank you, thank you-- you guys always come through for us! :)


Christmas Dance Recital

Ivy had her Christmas dance recital this last weekend and totally nailed it! She was so cute up on that stage, almost a head shorter than everyone with a cheesy little grin plastered on her face. I couldn't help but belly laugh from start to finish, and luckily for us she was the last one off the stage-- blowing kisses and waving everyone off. She was so excited about wearing makeup and her new costume on the day of, and was especially excited about the prospect of receiving flowers and a lunch date afterward. Good job Ivy, we're so proud of you! (You did even better than your first recital two years ago! ;)


Christmas Cards 2014

It's no secret that one of my very favorite things about Christmas is the holiday cards. I love getting them, I love sending them, and I love having them taped up on my walls until late Spring. There's just something so good about opening envelopes filled with sweet messages and smiling faces from all our loved ones throughout December, it's the best reminder of how many incredible people we're lucky enough to have in our lives! Anyway, all my excitement over cards has completely worn off on Ivy and I love it. Every day we run outside together as soon as we hear the mail lady drive off to check the mail box and open and read them together. She helps me tape them up on our wall and has even snuck a few of her favorites onto her bedroom wall.

We went back and forth on getting Christmas pictures done this year (selfishly because I was 23 weeks pregnant and didn't exactly want a camera around!) but in the end I decided to suck it up and go for it. We used Tiny Prints again this year and loved how they turned out. Simple, clean, and easy to use. The day we got our pictures back, I personalized our cards in less than 15 minutes, got them ordered, and had them delivered and ready to be addressed about a week later. Ivy had so much fun stuffing the liners in for me and sticking our personalized stamp on the front, couldn't have done it without her quick little hands and enthusiasm! :) 

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to send us cards, we really, truly love getting them!


Halloween 2014

This years Halloween was a hit. (and yes it was almost two months ago... I wish I could blame the fact that we just got this roll of film developed, but it's really just me being a slacker.) Lola wore about four different costumes throughout Halloween night, but started out as Shirley Temple. Ivy was a dedicated 'Queen Elsa' for all 5 Halloween parties and a cute one at that. She gets way too excited for any excuse to wear makeup, it makes me just a tad nervous. She dominated the trick-or-treating game this year and filled her plastic pumpkin to the brim, she's actually still got some of the second string candies left! (Which says a lot considering she has a pregnant Mom who has sneakily helped herself to her loot on several occasions...)