eleven months

Eleven months old. We can't believe it! Right now Frankie loves to stand up and clap for herself, eat everything, get into desk drawers, give kisses, and loves trying to keep up with her big sisters. She's got Moms dark hair and Ivy's raspy voice and knows all about how delicious ice-cream is.

Frankie girl, we love you to death!


the clock is ticking..

As our house gets closer and closer to potentially selling I find myself getting more and more sentimental about it! I'm going to miss our slow mornings, eating breakfast at their craft station and cruising around our cul-de-sac on their balance bikes before dinner. We've made so many good memories in this home, I'm trying to take as many photos as I can here so they have an easier time remembering them.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Over at Alice + Ames we introduced these little twirly leotards to the shop and I couldn't help but share the video on here, too. It's too bad Lola is so camera shy. ;)


Christmas morning 2015

A small glimpse of the girls tearing through their gifts and Ivy "helping" everyone figure it out. Our Christmas was kept pretty simple this year but the girls seemed to have a magical morning nonetheless! Plus-- having our first Christmas morning with Francie there added to the magic.



Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas Eve Eve at my parents with a Christmas talent show (the girls sang and danced), a delicious meal, games, and a bonus visit from St. Nick himself.