it's a... girl!

We're so excited to be bringing home another sweet girl from the hospital in just a few months. We may be biased, but we just love girls. Can't wait for a house full of 'em!


Preschool II

This little fireball started her second year of preschool today and we all couldn't be more excited. (Except maybe Lola, she's a little bummed.) I asked her a few very important questions before she started her big day (and before she made 20 wardrobe changes), and she answered accordingly:

Favorite color: "Pink!"
Favorite candy: "M&Ms."
What do you want to be when you grow up?: "A Mermaid."
Favorite soda: "Ewww, disgusting!"
Favorite place to go: "Disneyland, the library, and Rosas."
Favorite thing to learn about: "What elephants eat."
Favorite animal: "Probably just mouses and unicorns."

Go get 'em Tiny.


Lang, party of five.

I've been kind of the worst at blogging lately. Summer vacations, Lolas 2nd birthday, and much more has come and gone, however the most exciting news is that these two little crazies are going to be big sisters come February. We all cannot wait! Wish us luck. :)


Fathers Day 2014

Happy Fathers Day to the funnest, sweetest, most energetic, thoughtful, hard-working, and dance-iest Dad out there. (So proves all these random clips I strung together from my phone from the last 3+ years.) We love you so so much Geoff!



I always dread Summer because the days are so long, the heat advisories, etc, but this Summer so far has been nothing short of amazing. I'm really loving all the swimming and sun and lack of any sort of schedule we got going on around here. My girls fall asleep the second their exhausted heads hit the pillow and they always wake up and jump right back in their swimsuits ready for more. They're getting tiny little tan lines on their booties and they always have that faint smell of sunscreen on them at all times. After some summer grilling tonight they got out the last of their wiggles on the soapy trampoline with the hose and indulged in some mint ice-cream cones. I couldn't help but snap some pictures of them being so sweet and happy together. Can't wait for more pool time with friends, trips to the beach, and late nights with these girls this Summer, it's gonna be a good one.


so you've turned 4, huh?

It wouldn't be a birthday without our annual birthday interviews now, would it? A few answers differ from when we asked at ages two or three, but luckily for us, she still remains just as wild.


happy 4th birthday, ivy girl.

This past week we've been celebrating Ivy's FOURTH birthday while also trying to figure out how our little baby is practically schooled-aged already. On her actual birthday we went out to waffles before she got picked up for her big birthday date with grandparents. Once she got home we played with new toys until it was time for a pizza date and a trip to the Disney store to pick out just ooooone more present before bedtime. It was a birthday miracle that they happened to have one very last Frozen dress that was returned to the store that day, in just her size. (When I hear myself talk about how 'rare Frozen memorabilia is', it makes the realization that I have a 4 year old that much clearer. I'm such a dork.) 

Fast forward to last night when we threw Ivy her birthday 'dance party' for all 100 of our closest friends and family. Since it's already so hot here, we decided our only option was an indoor party. Since our house would probably pop open like a bag of Doritos in the altitude if we invited everyone we loved over, we sprung for a little air conditioned dance venue that could more comfortably host everyone. We kept it low key and got dozens of donuts, borrowed a light and DJ kit, blew up some balloons, and threw some party favors on the tables. It was so fun watching all those sugar-high kids get loose on the dance floor together. I always feel so warm and fuzzy when we get all the people we know and love together at the same time, it makes me realize how many wonderful and good people we have in our life. Thanks everyone for coming out to wish Ivy a happy birthday-- she felt incredibly loved and so did we! 

We failed miserably at getting any pictures because we were having too much fun dancing and visiting, but check out this little Instagram video I snapped towards the end of the night. 


beach girls

This picture sums up our beach trips pretty perfectly. Lola close by, never leaving the comfort of us, the sand toys, and most importantly the snacks. Then theres Ivy in the distance collecting treasures and seashells, talking to herself and completely ignoring our "COME BACK IVES, TOO FAR!"'s. 

Can't wait for many more beach days this Summer-- Lolas chubby legs were made to sport sandy one-peices. 


Easter 2014

bedhead, christmas jammies, chocolate, easter egg hunts, craZloom youtube tutorials, more chocolate, and bubbles. it was a wonderful easter.