Washington trip

We were lucky enough to sneak away to Seattle for five days to visit my Sister and her family last week and sadly, we're home again. The girls loved being able to spend all day outside at parks and beaches, love on their cousins who they missed so much, and or course- eat all the delicious food that was constantly being put in front of us.

Thank you Wilson fam for having us, you make it hard to leave your house!


first day of school

Ivy handled her first day of kindergarten like the 35 pound champion that she is. She couldn't get out of the house fast enough the morning of, and walked off in her class line blowing kisses and waving happily. Geoff and I may have teared up a few times here and there, but all in all I'd like to think we handled it like champs as well. Go get em', Tiny! 


Alice + Ames

A few months ago I left the Loola team to start up my own solo business venture that I was passionate about, and today I can finally say that launch time is here! If you're curious what I've spent my entire summer day dreaming about, designing, and bringing to life-- head over to the brand new shop, Alice + Ames, and see for yourself. :) 

Now I have to get sappy and say that I've gotten so much encouragement from friends and family, worked with the best graphic designer to get everything up and running quickly (thank you, Angela Hardison!) and was led to an amazing new team of hard-working and talented seamstresses right here in the USA. Most of all I have to give a shoutout to Geoff for being so insanely supportive and also, for being just as crazy as I am. Turns out this venture has been anything but solo, so thank you to everyone for your help-- your kindness has meant the world! 


Newport 2015

As always sad to see it end. The girls spend the week partying hard, eating dozens of donuts, going through a couple bottles of sunscreen, and playing beachside with 17 of their sweet cousins.


Happy 3rd Birthday, Lo!

All the clips of Lola from my phone from the last year... thanks for always bringing the party, girl. We love you so much!


four month francie

I can't believe baby Frances is already over 4 months! She's the sweetest, most good natured little chunk and we all love her to death. (As shown above when I tried to snap a picture of just her but a certain Sister is always laying next to, tickling, or smothering her, so that proved to be an impossible task..)

Frances goes nuts for bath time and swimming, loves to pull hair, and has the funniest laugh that just sounds like a deep grunt. Her arm rolls will stop you in your tracks, her eye lashes are dark and curly as ever, and her kisses are as slobbery as they come. There's just something about Frances, we all think she's pretty great.


Francies Birth Announcement

People warned me how busy life gets with three kids, but I didn't believe them until just now when I realized it took me 2 full months to find a spare minute to snap a picture of Frances for her announcement! How sad is that? I love birth announcements and think they're so great for throwing into my girls memory boxes (plus any extra cards I have left over for their future kids). Anyway, thank goodness for all the cute options at Tiny Prints that lit the fire under my butt to order last week, it may have sat on my to-do list till her first birthday! Now if only I could cross off all the other things on my to do list.. 


Easter 2015

If you can't tell from Lola's face, it was a reaaaaaally good day.