forced stay-caytion.

This weekend will be spent swimming, cleaning, shopping, eating, playing, working, and basically, anything else to help distract us from the fact that we're not currently at my familys annual Newport reunion that we look so forward to all year long. Obviously traveling was a no-no right now cause I'm too pregnant, talk about poor planning on our part! ;) 
On a happier note, congrats to Denise from West131 for winning the Wild Juniper giveaway
Send me your email address and we'll get the ball rolling. :)


sweet harvest moon said...

Have fun!

Treasure Tromp said...

enjoy your weekend!

Alexis said...

That is such a pretty little princess!

shanna kesler said...

as you know, we all missed you at Newport. and we're all going to miss your annual video this year too!

i had to force myself to break out my camera a couple of times. i usually just rely on you guys to document our family trips! you do it so well..i love revisiting all your old videos of the fam.