fish out of water.

Not being able to swim (or really be outside in general) this last month has been pretty brutal to say the least. What else is there to do in 118 degree heat? So far we've only been able to come up with the following: watch movies, join a dance class (which I think I enjoyed even more than Ivy, can you say Dance Mom?), play with the hose, raid the library, color, frequent pet stores and indoor playgrounds, and read 200 books a day. To say we are going stir crazy is a complete understatement, holy cow. Good thing we're booking it to cooler temperatures this weekend or I'd be done for. Any ideas on what to do to beat this heat with a toddler and newborn in tow? 
One of her latest souvenirs from Petsmart. She named her 3 fishies Buzz, Dora, and Wes, after one of her favorite cousins.


Lottie said...

i think buying your first pets is a brilliant activity ;)

and i don't really have any ideas sorry.

shanna kesler said...

Look at those long legs! Ivy girl is growing up:(

I love that she named one of her fishes after Wes - that is so adorable.

And...you should start coming to Monterey for the summer to beat the heat:)