Sissy love.

     The sequence of pictures below just melt my heart into an Alex Mack puddle-- I think Ivy really is so happy to have a little sister to love on and I die watching the two of them get to know each other. While I was pregnant I had some sleepless nights worrying about how Ivy would react to the new baby and to split attention from us-- I'm sort of a "worst case scenario" thinker so I always pictured Ivy being very jealous and/or aggressive towards her. I pictured my days spent "guarding" the new baby and repeatedly demonstrating how to be soft. Surprisingly, it hasn't been like that at all. She has shown nothing but love and a lot of kisses and hugs towards Lola. But don't get me wrong, she has definitely acted out tremendously in other ways (like not sleeping, ever) and towards other kids to make up for it, trust me! Hey, I guess if she's going to choose just one kid to be nice to while she goes through this phase then I suppose I'm just glad she chose Lola. Nepotism at it's finest! (I make jokes to make myself feel better about the situation, but I think I really just need a hug.)

Some things I want to remember about their relationship so far:

Ivy very rarely calls Lola "Lola", and mostly refers to her as "BABY SEE-TA!"  or "LOOLAS!" The second Lo makes a peep while napping Ivy worriedly yells, "OH NO, BABY-SEE-TA!" and sprints towards wherever she is to check on her--she does this every single time without fail. Her concern is endearing until it eventually leads to Lo waking up.

Once Ivy has done her thing and woken Lo up, their favorite activity to do together is hold hands (pictured below). Ivy thinks its hilarious that someone with that tiny of a hand can have that tight of a grip and quietly giggles the whole time. Also, a few times a day Ivy will ask me if she can "Hold it!?" But by "hold" she means not hold, and by "it" she means Lola. In all the times that I've held Lola over Ivys lap, she has never once gotten tired of it--she could "hold" that girl all day. She'll take what she can get for now I guess, but I can't wait till they can interact and play even better together.

If I strap Ivy in her carseat before Lo, she anxiously starts to beg for her baby sister. A couple days after having Lo I wanted to take Ivy on a little one-on-one date. You can imagine my surprise when she started whining for Lo the whole driving time there and back. She loves having a little driving buddy back there with her.

One of their funniest interactions yet was while driving a few weeks back, Lola got pretty upset in her carseat and Ivy started off by sweetly telling her to, "Calm down Loola, ooooh you're OK! Shhh...Shhh." The crying didn't stop, and Ivy had had it I guess, so she sighed and yelled, "LOOOOOLAS, ZIP IT!!!" Geoff and I made the mistake of laughing for a straight minute after that, so now that's one of her favorite lines when Lo gets louder than she prefers. Who knew Ivy liked her peace and quiet? 
Keep up the good work Big Sister. Now let's get to work on your playground etiquette. ;)


Camilla Salem said...

This is such a great story!!! I'm glad Ivy's so good in her new role as big sister! Lola is a lucky girl. You guys are kicking butt at this parenting thing.

freya said...

alex mack puddle! blast from the past! thanks for that!

such a sweet post two, your girls are adorable. (and sassy!)

-- freya

freya said...

also i obviously meant too. doh!

Ana said...

So sweet! I miss my little sister.

Mallory said...

Cute Sisters! Alex has had trouble adjusting to a new sibling. She loves him dearly and will do anything for her baby brother but man o man she is harder than the newborn. Alex hasn't slept in almost two weeks I can feel your pain on that one!

kELLO! said...

i always wish i had a sister.
they're going to love these photos when they're older

Carolyn Carter said...

I've got two little girls. 4 & 1... and already they are the best of playmates - the love is there already! And it just makes me so happy to see that!

Ellen Arthur said...

Beautiful shots there! Absolutely love your style of photography and would totally hire you to take photos of my family if you lived in Australia :) xx

katilda said...

oh my. the hand holding is SO precious! the Alex Mack reference was the icing on the cake.

shanna kesler said...

I'm dieing here over how cute these two girls are together. And that last picture with Lo sticking her tongue out?! It's the best ever.

Miss you guys always.


Lottie Simm said...

i love this post so much and the photos make me definitely make me want to have more tha one baby.

sisters are the best--my sister and i have always been partners in crime and there is no bond quite like it :)

oh and i did push my sister face first into concrete when she was just under two and i was nearly four, so Ivy's playground etiquette i am sure is nothing in comparison to that ;)

Chelsey Oliver: said...

Your girls are so beautiful, and these stories are great!!


Maybelline said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing such precious glimpses.