eat cake and call it bread.

I know everyone has their own tried-and-true recipes when it comes to baking, but I've always loved this banana cake bread recipe. Its light and fluffy with a buttery crust, so I thought I'd share in case you had some overly ripe bananas and/or an overly sweet tooth this morning. I always use this recipe however Ivy almost always insists that we add chocolate chips and I almost always agree with her. Yesterday we were feeling particularly crazy and whipped up a chocolate ganache for the top as well (1/2 cup heated cream + 8 oz chocolate chips). I would highly suggest this only if you are really good at eating an unhealthy amount of chocolate. Otherwise, this probably isn't for you. ;)


Lynsi said...

wow chocolate ganache on banana bread. That sounds right up my alley! and tays... she would die!

ClareK said...

You had me at bread/cake.

PS: Ivy is my style icon - I wish I could rock the top knot and maxi skirt(sleeve) like she does. Cute family!!

Suddenly City

sweet harvest moon said...


Kayla Roussel said...

YES I've been wanting a good chocolate chip banana bread recipe!!! You wouldn't happen to be bringing any to the park in the morning would you?? ehh ehhh?