Shanna comes to town.

This last week my Sister was able to come into town for a couple days and we loved every minute of it. While she was here we were able to eat at all of our favorite restaurants, visit friends and family, and even squeeze in a daddy/daughter reflexology night. We were total Shanna-hogs and made her stay at our house so she could hold Lola and be bossed around by Ivy as much as possible. Ivy was loving all the extra attention and very quickly learned and took advantage of the fact that Shanna couldn't say "No" to her. Thanks for being the best Auntie ever, Shan. We love you and your company-- know that there is always a noisy house with a rock-hard mattress squeezed between a crib and a changing table with YOUR NAME ON IT! :)


Alexis said...

Your sister looks like she is loving holding her little neice. And it is always hard to say "no" when they are not your children!

shanna kesler said...
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Hannah said...

oh i loved when family was around and looking after the twins and i got all the attention of my mum... only me