Thanksgiving wrap-up // 2012

I woke up on Thanksgiving morning realizing I had pushed most of my Thanksgiving duties to the very last minute, so instead of running the turkey trot like I had planned, I spent the morning hustling and bustling in the kitchen. To make myself feel better about flaking out on the run, I told myself that I burned just as many calories baking as I would have running. (Or maybe just consumed just as many calories as I would have burned running 6.2 miles...one of the two.)

Once everything was ready, we headed over to Thanksgiving lunch at my parents and spent time with family from out of town, family from in town, and friends. The kids had a Turkey Day scavenger hunt with prizes, competed in good ole two-shirts-sewn-together foot races, and played a round of Bingo while the adults visited and played corn-hole outside. Arizona is always beautiful on Thanksgiving Day and I love that we get to eat and play outside all day.

After that we cruised over to Thanksgiving dinner at Geoffs parents. Again, we ate outside in perfect weather while the kids burned some energy on the trampoline. To wrap up the night, all the little girls climbed into Grammy & Papa Langs bed after their group bath to watch a movie together, it was really cute. I'm so thankful for great friends and family on both sides, and especially grateful that my girls were born into such big, fun families. They have so many sweet cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, as well as 2 sets of unbelievable grandparents (and great grandparents!) who they love so much. It was the perfect day from start to end, another great Thanksgiving for the books! :) 


Ashley Madsen said...

The bottom picture is the best. It should be framed at Grandma's house

Ashley Madsen said...
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Lottie Simm said...

Love the last photo, big famillies are the best :)

Kelli said...

Those first couple photos kill me. What a sweet family!

Nancy said...

I've been reading your blog for sometime now and I love it! all! your photos, your writing, your family. so precious! you're a lucky and beautiful lady!

normally I"m not a person to comment or anything, but I just thought I'd let you know if you didn't already, you're featured in treat.com's cards! specifically I was looking in the "thinking of you" section! just FYI!

The Webbs said...

that last picture is just perfect. i love all the littles.