a sweet nativity story

My girlfriend Morgan just sent me this video and I couldn't help but re-share. Watching these cute kids with accents summarize and reenact their version of the Christmas story was so sweet. Happy weekend and happy holidays!


Meagan said...

Oh my gosh that was incredible.
The star was by far my favorite part.

teeny said...

i just watched that three times. i absolutely love it! Such a sweet version. thank you for sharing!!


Kiersten Hart said...

This is too cute! Love the Aussie accents!

Keren said...

I love this version too! It pretty much went viral here in New Zealand last year - was so cool having a piece of NZ being so popular - especially with it's Christian Message :)

Anna Louisa said...

this is my favorite! I had forgotten it since last Christmas...thanks for the reminder!


Tash said...

Oh my gosh, I don't know what's more adorable, their accents or the littlest wise man throwing his gift! Thank you for posting.