just like the ones i used to know

Christmas Eve is officially here folks, its crunch time! Last night we had my parents annual "Christmas Eve Eve" party which means the best meal of the year and a white elephant gift exchange. I'm sad that all the Holiday parties are coming to an end, I've had so much fun constantly being around friends and family, especially those from out of town. Tonight after Christmas Eve dinner with Geoffs family, we'll put the girls to bed and Geoff and I will continue our own little tradition together-- wrapping presents while watching Elf and Home Alone (each of our favorite Christmas movies). We always stay up late and end up opening all of our gifts to each other because we're adults and we do what we want! ;) Also, that's what my Mom did all growing up so it kind of feels like we're keeping tradition alive. (But it's mostly because we get too anxious.) Hope your Christmas Eve is magical, merry, and bright. Merry Christmas!


sweet harvest moon said...

Merry Christmas! ;)

Samantha said...

Love Christmas eve...it's so magical :)

Rachel said...

we open presents late on Christmas Eve (Scandinavian tradition), and growing up, we'd save the big Santa gift for Christmas morning :) Merry Christmas Stacie!

abi porter said...

love this. hope you guys had a great christmas!

p.s. i was reading through dwell magazine today and there was an ad for a card printing company that had your family on it... i was like HEY! i know them.. but not really!